Ethical policies

We believe little things can make a difference and the three R policy is a big one for us. There is so much that we can recycle, reuse and reduce the use of. Paper, glass, plastic and energy (even old pairs of jeans!), we are very conscious of what we can do to make a difference. We still have bigger plans, but every journey has to start with a few small steps!

  • Quality & Ingredients

    True deliciousness only happens when the ingredients are of high quality. All our wonderful ingredients are sourced from the best that we can find. Whether it is our home grown British oats, our Sri Lankan coconut, our wild hand picked Canadian blueberries or our sun dried Turkish raisins, it is definitely all very good quality stuff!

  • Packaging

    We know that packaging plays a big part in any business but at the same time we like to be mindful of what we use and think of ways to avoid using excess packaging. We constantly strive to be as kind to the environment as possible by practising the 3 'R' policy: recycle, re-use and reduce. Simple measures like recycling our paper, creating a paperless office and switching off all our equipment when not in use can all make a difference. We also use low energy bulbs throughout, and recycle all of our waste including paper, glass and card boxes, as well as plastic.

  • Production

    Produced locally in London by a very passionate Italian cereal maker, who has a great flare for blending and creating great flavours together (and for making delicious flapjacks too). Our cereal is made in small fresh batches and in a nut free environment with much passion and love.

  • Sustainability

    All our ingredients are sourced responsibly and in a sustainable way. Being responsible for our environment is something we strongly believe in. Being kind to our environment and doing things the right way is important for us and we believe that small things do make a difference.

  • Believe Cereals Ltd
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  • Tel: 020 8742 2000