How it started..

Did you ever think your beauty regime could start with a bowl of cereal?

Believe Beauty Breakfast cereal was created to make your breakfast work smarter and your life a little bit simpler.

We are a bunch of cereal lovers who lead busy lives, but like to treat our bodies with something healthy to start the day. A fabulous idea came one very hectic morning whilst munching through honeyed oats and applying mascara.

We thought why not make a breakfast cereal that provides a real benefit? Mornings are hard enough- too much to do, getting ready for work and its all a bit crazy, leaving zero time for beauty regimes. Yet we owe our body (and our beauty!) the best possible start every morning. So here is how we came up with Believe.

We all know that a happy body needs daily vitamins and nutrients and we need these for radiant skin and healthy hair too. So we thought why not get our breakfast to work harder AND smarter for us?

This inspired us to create the first ever beauty breakfast cereal that not only delivers you some wholesome delicious nutrition, but also a gorgeous dose of beauty vitamins. Our Believe Beauty cereal contains 17 important vitamins, minerals and superfoods to make your skin, hair and nails happy..very happy indeed!

So did you ever think your beauty regime would start with a bowl of cereal? Well now it just did!

And you will still have time for your hair and make-up!

A smarter way to start the day

Whipping the cereal into shape

One thing that we were certain of was that we did not like chewing through foods that felt more like a chore than a joy. Taste buds DO matter!

However,we also knew we wanted ingredients that were healthy, wholesome and nutritious. We did a lot of experimenting and plenty of tasting.

After going through so many weird and wonderful combinations and concoctions we finally conquered it. We chose a blend honeyed oats, coconut, sun-dried blueberries and cranberries all boosted with 17 vitamins, minerals and superfoods.

With the help of our expert nutritionist and smart development guys who blended in the vitamins seamlessly, we created a tasty and wholesome beauty breakfast.

And why the name Believe? Because it is a powerful little word. Great things happen when you believe. We like to believe we are here to make your breakfast unbelievable!

There are more cereals coming up soon as we have some exciting additions to Believe. Just watch this space!

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